Birds of Byron Shire: a bird watchers guide

Birds of Byron Shire: a bird watchers guide

Here is the PDF download of Byron Bird Buddies’ new info-brochure, you only need to click on this link: Birds of Byron Shire – a bird watchers guide from Coast to Hinterland

This highly useful printable pamphlet contains information on 25 hot spots for birding around the Byron Shire and a tick list of over 300 birds you may be likely to see! Perfect to give to your birding visitors and also keep it handy on your digital device. To make it convenient for a home printer is it has been reworked into 4 A4 pages or 2 back and front. Hard copies of the fold out 12 panel brochure are available at participating’ local outlets. Kudos to designer Ivonne Rothor. Happy birding!

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1 thought on “Birds of Byron Shire: a bird watchers guide”

  • Good afternoon Byron bird buddies,
    I’m the new animal enforcement education officer at Byron shire.
    I’m writing to you in request of some information. I’m writing a course that I will be delivering to school children about how they can responsibly care for their cats and dogs to prevent them from hurting the native birds and animals in our shire.
    If you could please send me some information about how cats and dogs can negatively affect the endangered birds in our area.
    Or if you have any beautiful pictures of our endangered birds that you would give me permission to use in my presentation. baby birds etc
    Thanks for your time
    Priscilla O’bryan

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