BBB Program Update for April -May 2021

BBB Program Update for April -May 2021

Photo: White-browed Scrubwren by Rose Wisemantel  

For full program January to June 2021 download the PDF from our Facebook page or BBB website

What To Bring– Always wear covered shoes and bring water, hat, sunscreen and insect repellent. Except for presentation days, always bring something to eat for morning or afternoon tea and lunch if it’s over the lunch period. For presentation days bring a plate to share for morning or afternoon tea.

Contact– for all BBB & RBB Activities –  Jan -02 66803279, Mobile 0428864378 or e-mail:

Note: For surveys, experience is not necessary. Beginners are welcomed at all outings which will provide an opportunity to learn about our birds and their habitat.

For BBB Program Update for April – May 2021 download HERE