Wild About Birds program

Another important other aspect of Byron Bird Buddies work is teaching the next generations to become bird lovers by giving them skills to get to know their local birds. Isabel Borrelli, BBB’s school  Education officer  has been presenting our “Wild About Birds” program for seven years now and BBB has just completed a three year contract with Local Land Services which saw BBB deliver the Wild About Birds program to over 600 participants, produce three brochures and three bookmarks.

Isabel and her daughters Amelie and Alessandra, Recounting the story of the close relationship between coastal emus and Aboriginal people.


Demonstrating the migratory paths of our yearly visitors.


Alessandra (little Pied) demonstrating how Rainbow Bee-eaters tunnel into the dense to build their nests and so we should not jump down the dunes without checking if there are holes in the dunes first. These canvas pictures were produced over 10 years ago and are still being used for educational work today.