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Byron Bird Buddies (BBB) is a volunteer community group, involved with avifauna monitoring, conservation and education in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia, since 2004. For more information about BBB, please visit this page


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PROGRAM REMINDER JULY 2019 For full program and more information download the PDF: BBB Program 2019 What to bring? Always wear covered shoes and bring water, hat, sunscreen and insect repellent. Except for presentation days always bring something to eat for morning or afternoon tea and lunch if it’s […]
BIRD WATCHING IN AND AROUND BALLINA Introducing Byron Bird Buddies’ newest brochure: Bird Watching in and around Ballina. Produce by Birdlife Northern Rivers NSW and Byron Bird Buddies, […]

Wetlands are natural or constructed areas of land where water covers the soil for all or part of the year. The Byron Wetlands are constructed wetlands and form part of the 100 ha Byron Integrated Management Reserve – an award-winning example of how good resource […]

BIRDS OF BYRON SHIRE: A BIRD WATCHERS GUIDE Here is the PDF download of Byron Bird Buddies’ new info-brochure, you only need to click on this link: Birds of Byron Shire – a bird watchers guide from Coast to Hinterland […]
SHOREBIRDS OF BYRON SHIRE Shorebirds in Australia have three basic habitat requirements. They need foraging areas where they can feed to satisfy their daily energy requirements, roosting areas where […]

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Monitoring Program 2019

Monitoring Program 2019

Photo: Comb-crested Jacana by Rose Wisemantel

This program may change, but will be up-dated as much as possible.
If you wish to attend any outing, please phone or email the contact number provided. If it’s raining the event may also be cancelled. The Calendar also includes outing dates for other groups in the Northern Rivers, any questions please contact the number provided.

The six monthly program (Jan – June) can be downloaded here: Monitoring Program 2019